My name is Zoe and I have always had a passion for animals. I share my life with my Jack Russell Terrier, Scrumpy, my working Labrador Gin, and my cats Wellington and Dillon.

I have been working with animals since the age of 14. I started out as a kennel assistant at my local boarding kennels and cattery and this is where I discovered my love and passion, working with animals.

I went on to qualify as a Veterinary Nurse in 2008 after working and training in practice since 2005. I was then promoted to Head Veterinary Nurse at Avenue Veterinary Centre, in 2010. Throughout my time there as a Veterinary Nurse I came across many behavioural issues and became intrigued as to ‘what made animals tick’. This led me to my first qualification in Canine and Feline behaviour in November 2011. It took me 3 years to complete my qualification, to a level 5 NVQ, which included theory and practical application of my skills. I completed case studies and exams and also carried out behaviour consultations to gain experience.

I am currently studying with Compass Education to gain an advanced diploma in Canine behaviour management and working towards accreditation from the Kennel Club (KCAI). Both involve in-depth study, research, hands on training and expansion of my experience and knowledge.

I am a student member of ISAP and I attend regular courses to keep my knowledge and training techniques up to date.

My aim through my behavioural work is to create a more biddable dog and a greater bond between you and your dog, through all stages of their lives. I do not judge, just simply guide and help owners and their pets to make the most of their times together.  I believe pet ownership should not be classed as a chore but as an advantage to our lives. My passion lies with rescue dogs and adolescent dogs and their road in rehabilitation. This came from my own rescue dog, Scrumpy. He has shown me that with hard work, dedication and the building of a strong bond that you can enjoy a rescue dog just as much, and in my eyes more, as a puppy!!

Since owning Gin I have developed a keen interest in gundog training.

I am happy to work with any behavioural problem, from aggression in dogs, inappropriate elimination in cats, to simple training issues.