Caring, friendly and professional service

At Bark I take pride in providing the knowledge, help and support you and your pet needs with a friendly and professional attitude at all times. I believe that good communication and mutual respect is the key to providing the service that you and your pets require. Although the company is mainly aimed at dogs, I do still offer behavioural services for cats.

I will always be open and honest with you as to what I feel we can achieve during a behaviour consultation but there are no magic ‘quick fixes’. Most of my clients are referred to me from a Veterinary Surgeon who will examine your cat or dog before we meet, to ensure the problem isn’t caused by an underlying medical condition. I have worked as a Veterinary Nurse since 2005 so I have a good understanding of potential underlying medical conditions and how they relate to behavioural problems. Some modification programmes may need both behavioural and medical intervention.

If your cat or dog…

  • displays aggression directed towards people or other animals,
  • has anxiety, whether a specific fear or phobia such as separation anxiety or simply general fearfulness,
  • has species-specific behaviours such as urine spraying,
  • has compulsive disorders such as tail chasing, flank sucking or acral lick dermatitis,
  • displays nuisance behaviours such as ignoring you when you call it, excessive barking, digging or jumping up at people.

Contact me today to book a behaviour consultation to help solve your pet’s behaviour problem. I offer a variety of ways for you to get help for your pet’s behaviour problems. In all cases I require you to complete a Pre Consultation form, which provides me with the information I need prior to visiting you. This is downloadable here on the website, please see downloads page.