Are you out for long hours during the day? Have you got a function to attend, a wedding, a family celebration, need to get your Christmas shopping done? Do you have a day out with friends and family in the diary or have an event at your house?

If so, let me look after your dog(s) for the day! I offer a relaxed and sociable environment for your dogs to come to. Let them enjoy time outdoor in my secure paddock and garden area. I am lucky to have Brockhampton estate and Bringsty common right on my doorstep, so with your permission I can take them on lovely long and enriching walks. Then, when it’s cold and rainy outside let them come and snuggle up and relax in front of my log burner with me!
Your dogs can have time with other dogs if they are able to. Every dog however will be treated fairly and as my own!

I am fully insured and licensed and have a decade of veterinary nursing under my belt! I will exercise, feed and medicate your dogs to your specifications.

Daycare is offered 7 days a week, apart from Christmas Eve- New Year’s Day or if I am on annual leave myself!!

Drop off is from 7am in the morning and collection is tailored to your needs!

I would highly recommend getting in touch and arranging a time to come over and meet me, my dogs, see my set up and discuss yours and your dogs needs. Your dogs stay with me needs to be as stress free as it can be, so a casual meet and greet before you wish to book in is highly recommended to discuss your dogs needs.


1 dog £15 per day
2 dogs from the same household £22 per day 3 dogs from the same household £30 per day

All dogs need to be fully vaccinated, this needs to include Kennel a Cough. Proof of vaccination will be required when your dog arrives. I will take a copy of this for my records.